Lubrificante per motore auto

As Florida Jeep® dealers, we know firsthand how tough the summer can be on automobiles. It doesn’t matter if you drive a 2017 Jeep Wrangler or an older model, vehicles can suffer some noticeable wear and tear during the summer months. Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect your automobile from the ravages of summer.

When you think about the high temperatures, dust, dirt, and pop-up storms summer normally brings to the Orlando area, it’s easy to understand why vehicles are so vulnerable to wear and tear at this time of year. To protect your car’s vital systems during the summer, follow these tips:

  • Change Your Oil and Oil Filter: Even minor changes in the weather can put additional demands on your oil and oil filter. These added demands are often even more extreme when a new season arrives because of the noticeable change in temperature that occurs. Because your oil and oil filter are critical components that keep your engine healthy, you should change them often during the summer to keep your engine in good shape.
  • Check Your Fluid Levels: As the weather changes from one season to the next, it can cause your car’s fluid levels to drop. Be sure you check your transmission, power steering, and windshield wiper fluids to make sure they’re at the right levels. Don’t forget to check your coolant fluid as well. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence reports that the leading cause of breakdowns during the summer is overheating. To avoid this problem, keep an eye on your coolant fluid throughout the summer.
  • Monitor Your Tire Pressure: Even minor changes in the temperature can cause your tires to lose or gain pressure. When your tires aren’t inflated properly, it affects your gas mileage and shortens the lifespan of your tires. If you don’t already check your tire pressure often, consider doing so every time you fill up your gas tank during the summer.
  • Make an Appointment with our Jeep Service Center: The smartest way to make sure you have fresh oil and the right levels of fluids and air pressure is to make an appointment to bring your automobile into our Jeep service center near Orlando, FL. By bringing your car into our Jeep service department regularly, you can protect your car throughout the summer season. Schedule an appointment with Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM now!