A car’s frame isn’t made of indestructible titanium. The surface, in fact, is prone to scratches and dings.

What can you do to minimize these blemishes? Our Chrysler service experts near Orlando, FL can treat superficial scratches and nicks before they become more noticeable.

Primary Causes of Scratches and Dings

Most scratches and dents are caused by flying debris, mainly in the form of small pebbles and debris kicked up while your car is in motion.

Surface damage also occurs when your car is parked outdoors. Dents from a runaway shopping cart occur more often than you think. An opening door from an adjacent car is another typical cause of scratches as well.

How to Prevent Scratches and Dings

Parking your car towards the outer edges of parking lots is one easy way to avoid superficial scratches, as there tend to be fewer cars and runaway shopping carts. Also, try to park evenly in the parking space and not too close to the edge of the painted parking line.

How to Restore Scratches and Dings

You may see DIY paint restoration and dent repair kits at your local automotive shop. You may also have heard of crazy hacks like using a blow dryer or dry ice for popping a dent back in place.

Such DIY measures have very limited application and only work for the most superficial damages. Scratches and dents larger than the size of a quarter require repairs from a high-quality service center.

Scratches and dents may also expose the metal underneath the paint, which is highly prone to rust. Rust greatly reduces the tensile strength of your vehicle’s frame. With that in mind, scratches and dings are not merely aesthetic blemishes and require careful, extensive care.

Visit Fields Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram of Sanford for dent and auto paint restoration. These services are applicable towards all types of vehicles, from the Chrysler Pacifica to the Dodge Challenger.