Being Central Florida Jeep® dealers, we’re exceptionally proud to tell you that our Jeep dealership has won a 2017 Customer First Award for Excellence. This is only the second year that the prestigious Customer First Award for Excellence has been given out and we’re extremely proud to have received this coveted award.

As an award winner, we’re allowed to display signage that tells consumers about the award we won. While we’re happy to do that, we prefer to think that our clients can tell that our dealership is an award winner based on the experience they have when they do business with our Jeep dealership.

FCA US LLC created the Customer First Award for Excellence with its partners and J.D. Power. The award was made to improve customer service provided by the dealerships that represent any of FCA US LLC’s brands throughout the United States. In order to receive this award, a dealership must thrive in the following five areas:

  • Facility Certification: A dealership must be clean and comfortable for its visitors
  • Performance Measures: A dealership must meet the highest levels of sales and service benchmarks
  • Training Certification: A dealership’s employees must have gone through the highest levels of training required by FCA US LLC
  • Employee Surveys: A dealership must have surveys completed by employees to ensure it maintains a customer-centric culture
  • Process Validation: A dealership must have certified sales and service processes that yield satisfied customers

“Our dealers are striving to not just improve the customer experience in their facilities, but to become the industry leaders in customer satisfaction on both the sales and service sides of the business,” said Al Gardner, Head of Dealer Network Development, FCA – North America. “We now have triple the amount of winning dealerships that may proudly market themselves as Customer First Award for Excellence achievers. Consumers will know that they are in a Customer First dealership from the logos, but more importantly, they will experience the evolution of these elite stores.”

As Florida Jeep dealers, we’re truly honored to have received the 2017 Customer First Award for Excellence. We don’t just want to tell you about our award, however. We want you to experience why we earned it. Visit our Jeep dealership near Orlando, FL for a customer service experience that’s unlike any other. We look forward to seeing you at Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM soon!