As your Florida Jeep® dealers, we’re always excited to discuss anything and everything related to the Jeep brand. Right now, we want to tell you all about My Jeep Story, which is part of the auto manufacturer’s celebration of its 75th anniversary.

My Jeep Story is a social media campaign designed to encourage people to share the experiences they’ve had in their Jeep vehicles. Whether you’ve been driving a used Jeep Liberty for years or you’re behind the wheel of a newer Jeep model, the automaker wants to know how the Jeep brand has impacted your life.

You can participate in My Jeep Story by sharing your experience on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #myjeepstory. You can also use an online tool available on the Jeep brand’s website to create and upload your personal story.

An off-roading pioneer, Mark A. Smith had many life experiences that involved the Jeep brand. Smith was one of the first people to drive the Rubicon Trail, for instance. In 1978, Smith led an expedition of Jeep CJ models on a 20,000 mile journey that took the group from the southernmost point in South America all the way to the northern edge of North America. The most challenging part of the trek was getting through the jungles and swamps in the Darién Gap. The terrain was so difficult to navigate that it took the expedition 30 days to travel only 100 miles, with the group only making a few yards of forward progress on some days.

If you have a story related to the Jeep brand, we’d love for you to share your tale with us. Stop by Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM on Towne Center Boulevard today. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.