brake disk and one brake pad

There are few things like getting behind the wheel of a Jeep® vehicle and hitting the open road during the fall. From leaf peeping, to fun-filled days at the beach, to road trips along the coast, there’s always plenty to do this time of year.

One of the things you should do year-round is keep an ear and eye out for signs that you need to change your brakes. It doesn’t matter if you drive a 2016 Jeep Wrangler, a used Jeep Liberty, or another one of our capable vehicles, the signs that your car needs a brake job are pretty much the same.

One sign that your brakes need to be changed is the thickness, or the lack of thickness, your brake pads have. In general, your brake pads should be at least ¼-inch thick. If your pads are thinner than that, you should bring your vehicle into our Jeep dealership near Orlando, FL. Our factory-trained technicians will inspect your brakes and change your brake pads if necessary.

If you hear a high-pitched screech when you apply pressure on your brake pedal, it could be a sign that you need new brakes. A noise like this is normally caused by a metal shim that’s referred to as an “indicator.” The shim is called an indicator because it gives you an audible indication that you need new brakes. If you hear this noise regularly, it’s critical that you bring your car into our Jeep service center as quickly as possible to avoid damaging your rotors.

If you notice that your car pulls to one side or the other when you apply your brakes, it could be a signal that your brake linings are being worn down unevenly, which would require a brake adjustment to fix. It may also be a sign that something is in your brake fluid, which would mean your brake fluid needs to be drained and replaced with new fluid.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that your brakes need attention, bring your vehicle to Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM so our talented technicians can give them all of the attention they need. Give us a call, contact us online, or stop by our Jeep dealership on Towne Center Boulevard to make your next service appointment today!