Whether you drive a 2018 Dodge Charger or an older vehicle, you’ve probably noticed that gas prices have been creeping upward over the last few months. While you may not be able to escape higher gas prices, there are a few things you can do to keep your overall fuel costs as low as possible this summer and in the seasons that follow.

One of the things you can do to save on gas as early as today is take it easy behind the wheel. Edmunds.com performed a study that identified aggressive driving as the number one culprit responsible for gas guzzling. Accelerating quickly, braking suddenly when you don’t have to, and driving at high rates of speed are all habits that aggressive drivers typically have. If you drive in a calmer manner, you may lower your fuel costs by more than 30 percent.

Using a gas app is another smart way you can save on gas. Gas apps like Fuel Finder let motorists know where they can find the cheapest gas in their area in real-time. No matter where you are, consult one of these apps to find the most affordable fuel before you fill up.

Bringing your car into our Central Florida Dodge dealership for service regularly is also a good idea if you want to save on fuel. Well-maintained automobiles have better fuel economy compared to cars that aren’t serviced often enough. If your car is due for some routine maintenance or if it needs a repair, make an appointment here in our Dodge service center near Orlando, FL now.

If you’d like more tips about how you can save on fuel all year long, we invite you to contact Fields Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM. Better yet, stop by our Dodge dealership on Towne Center Boulevard today.