Unless you have a generous amount of savings in your bank account, chances are that you’ll need to take out a loan for your next car purchase or lease. Where can you find car loans near Orlando, FL, and how easy is it to get approved? Visit Fields Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM of Sanford to find out.

Best Places for Finding a Loan

What are your options when it comes to auto loans? Some viable choices include national banks. Local banks may also provide auto loans, as well as credit unions. You can also scour the web for online-exclusive lenders.

Our suggestion is to get a loan directly from a dealership. This isn’t an absolute must, but it’s the most convenient option. For starters, you get to acquire your car and get approved for a loan all within the same day, within a single place, and within a single visit.

Benefits of Dealership Financing

Certified dealers like ours can help you gather all necessary documents and paperwork. Some dealerships also have an online financial checklist or calculator to help you get started before you even arrive.

Furthermore, auto dealers can find offers that you qualify for depending on your credit history. While you should definitely try to improve your credit score several months before buying or leasing a car, it’s not a deal breaker if your score is less than stellar.

How to Improve Your Credit

To start, you can request a relative with existing good credit to add you to his/her card as an authorized user. Also, keep all of your credit cards open to show that you have a history of making timely payments. Finally, check your credit history using an Annual Credit Report once a year to look for inaccuracies.

Visit Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM of Sanford to see models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and more. See our finance specialists for immediate assistance.